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Psychology, 11th Edition by David G. Meyers and C. Nathan DeWall
David Myers’ new partnership with coauthor C. Nathan DeWall matches two dedicated educators and scholars
#1 bestselling Psychology
These and other innovations rest on the same foundations that have always distinguished a new David Myers edition
Psychology by Rose M. Spielman
Psychology is designed to meet the scope and sequence for the single-semester introduction to psychology course.
For many students, this may be their only college-level psychology course.
The authors strive to make psychology, as a discipline, interesting and accessible to students.
Psych 101: Psychology Facts, Basics, Statistics, Test, and more by Paul Kleiman
A hands-on approach to exploring the human mind
Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy theories, principles, and experiments of psychology into tedious discourse that even Freud would want to repress.
Psych 101 cuts out the boring details and statistics, and instead, gives you a lesson in psychology that keeps you engaged - and your synapses firing.

Best psychology textbooks

Selecting a major or even a minor in college is a defining point in any student’s life, which is why you need to weigh in all your options based on what you want to do and what you like. While there are many options out there, you can consider psychology as a valid option. Many students choose a major that will directly affect their lives, but a valid choice, even as a minor, is psychology. It is a fascinating subject, and you can learn a lot. You should not make the mistake of underestimating it because psychology can be of real help in your life. And it all starts with the best psychology textbook.

Choosing a good psychology textbook can be difficult, primarily because there are so many of them out there. Even so, once you do, you will enter the complicated world of the human mind, but you will have some help exploring it. If you heard that psychology gives you an advantage when you want to manipulate people, then this subject is probably not for you. However, it will provide you with a better understanding of how the human brain works, and that has real benefits in the long run.

Why you should lean towards psychology

There are many reasons why people want to study psychology. While some of you are interested in it as a career path, others just want to have an advantage when they interact with people. In fact, psychology has a lot of benefits for people who do not want to have anything to do with therapy and all other related professions, and here are some of them.

  • You can learn more about yourself – this is the first thing you should consider before taking on psychology. Before using the newly acquired skill on others, you can do it on yourself. If you get to know yourself better, chances are you are going to be more successful in life. Factors such as social, environmental, and life events have a profound impact on your mind, and psychology will teach you how to use that to your benefit. Know thyself, as the saying goes, and psychology can help with that.
  • You can learn more about the people around you – you will never know what is going on in other people’s minds, but psychology will teach you how to figure that out judging by other factors. The point is that a specific behavior can reveal a person’s true feelings, and that should help you in all your future relationships.
  • You can help others – not everyone is interested in taking on psychology because let’s face it, it is not the easiest It is actually pretty hard because the human mind is complex and changing. Even so, the truth is that nobody is that special, and there are patterns you can follow. That allows you to better understand people, and when you do, you will be able to give solid and valid advice.
  • Your critical thinking skills will improve – I find this benefit to be of extreme importance because it affects how you make decisions in life. Psychology teaches scientific methods of decision making and problem-solving, both of which are essential to a successful life. It will not take the decisions for you, but it will help you make the best ones.
  • It can help you with your career – psychology is not useful only if you want to become a therapist. Quite the contrary actually. It can be useful in multiple fields. For example, teachers learn psychology to have a better understanding of how to teach young minds, and business managers learn psychology so that they can interact better with their employees. My point is that psychology has many uses outside its primary purpose.
  • It can improve your mental health – while this may seem far-fetched, understanding mental illness is a significant Having some knowledge about it can help you make yourself happier. As a result, you will be a healthier person. After all, mental health is not all about depression and others such conditions. Fatigue, exhaustion, lack of productivity, they are all related to mental health, and you help yourself by having some insight.
  • It is fascinating – yes, there is a lot of reading to do if you want to learn about psychology, but you have to admit that the subject is fascinating. We will never be able to fully understand the human mind, but psychology gives you some insight. Entering the corners of the mystery that is the human mind can be incredibly exciting, and I am sure that you can agree when I say that nothing compares to the feeling of solving a human puzzle.

There are probably many other benefits, but getting too in-depth may actually ruin psychology for you. You need to learn the rest by yourself. One thing is certain, though. You will have a lot of light bulbs over the course of the semester if you decide to take on psychology.

What to consider when looking for the best psychology textbook?

As I mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to choose the best psychology textbook. For one, you need to know which one that is, and there is no 100% sure method of finding that out. You can read some psychology textbooks reviews online to learn about other students’ experiences, but not all of you are the same, and psychology is a vast sea of information. Nevertheless, here is what you need to consider when making a purchase.

  • Listen to your teacher – not all teachers have the same approach to psychology so textbooks may differ. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the author recommended by your teacher. After all, the whole semester, your professor will make references to the same book, and you need to know its content.
  • New vs. used – let’s face it. Textbooks are not cheap. In fact, they are quite expensive, and many students complain about it. Even so, lucky for you, there are used psychology textbooks that you can find online. Sites such as Amazon give you the option of going for a used textbook.
  • Hardcover vs. paperback – we all love the feeling of a hardcover textbook in our hand, but I want to make a different point. This has more to do with what you want to do with the textbook once you are finished with it. Do you want to keep it or do you want to sell it? How is the cover important in this context? If you go for a paperback textbook, the chances of it getting damaged are higher. The resell price goes down, naturally, and you will lose most of your investment. If you go for a hardcover, on the other hand, you can keep its integrity intact, and the resell value increases.
  • Authors – I do not know how you are handling buying textbooks, but I always do some research on the authors. I find it of extreme importance. Has the author published scientific papers? Is he or she renowned in the field? What does the internet say about his or her books? These are all important questions that you should ask before buying a $100 book, don’t you think?

What are the best psychology textbooks?

Now you have arrived at the moment in which you must actually make a choice. Just check the things above off the list, and take it from there. You can read some psychology textbooks reviews online to learn other students’ opinions. However, no matter what you do, do not go on and buy the cheapest or the first book you find. You will find yourself in need of another book. If you do not know where to start looking, you can go for one of the options below.

Psychology, 11th Edition by David G. Meyers and C. Nathan DeWall

These two authors are amazing on their own, and the combination between their minds lead to this excellent psychology textbook that I think you will understand. The two scholars love to teach psychology using interactive methods and social media, and their way of understanding the human mind is fantastic. You will have a lot of fun with their book.

Meyers is a consecrated, so to speak, scientist. He has published papers in three dozen scientific periodicals, and his insight on the human mind is fascinating. You can enter even the darkest corners of the brain, and all that by understanding how it works. You can learn more about yourself as well as others. I am not going to reveal more because I do not want to ruin the textbook for you, but you will not be disappointed.

This book is available both in new and used condition. It is a pricey book if you ask me, but I think it is worth it. If you cannot afford it new, multiple used offers are available. The content is the same no matter the condition. However, make sure that it is the 11th edition.

Psychology by Rose M. Spielman

If you want to take just a single semester of psychology to enrich your knowledge with basic psychology terms, then this is the book you are looking for. It compresses general psychology in 765 pages. It will not take you in-depth, but it will paint a pretty clear picture of the human mind.

Rose M. Spielman has a unique way of describing things, no matter how complex they may seem. She manages to use a simple and unambiguous language, which is not easy in this field. To make students understand in just a few words is truly a valuable gift, and this author has it.

You can find this book both new and used. However, as opposed to the previous book, this one is not that expensive, so there is no significant effort on your part. For just $30, you can have a semester that will solve a few riddles regarding how the mind works. It is truly fascinating.

Psych 101: Psychology Facts, Basics, Statistics, Test, and more by Paul Kleiman

Not everyone wants to learn psychology at the same level, and while the previous two textbooks can cover the recommended amount of knowledge for a whole semester, this is more of a light reading that needs to be combined with another textbook. I say that because it can never hurt to know more, and Paul Kleinman has some interesting insights.

The best thing about this textbook is that it cuts to the chase and leaves the boring details aside. The author wanted only to attract students and people interested in psychology, and by cutting the things that regular people do not understand, he managed to do precisely that. Do not get me wrong, this book is exceptional and full of insight, just not the regular one you find in most mandatory textbooks.

You will love pretty much everything about this psychology textbook, from language to methods. Paul Kleinman knew how to make psychology interesting, and I am guessing that he managed to do so because of his in-depth knowledge of his field. Needless to say, it worked for so many people, and I am sure it will work for you too.

My recommendation

To be honest, I cannot make a suggestion because I do not know at what level psychology interests you. Do you want to have a career in the field or do you want just some insight into the human mind to help you in the future? However, if I had to choose, I would go with the Psychology, 11th Edition by David G. Meyers and C. Nathan DeWall. Since it is a complete edition, so to speak, makes me think that it is one of the best psychology textbooks on the market. Online reviews agree with me.


Psychology is both tricky and fascinating. Not all people can understand it, and even fewer like the field. However, as I said above, it holds many benefits no matter what career path you want to take, and the best help you can get is from a good professor and the best psychology textbook. While I cannot do anything about the former, I hope I helped you with the latter. Click here to buy on Amazon

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